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There is a massive explosion in disorders that cause chronic pain recently. Nobody knows how and why these so-called invisible illnesses strike. Yet the pain is real. These illnesses and disorders that affect the neurological, muscular, musculoskeletal, or soft tissues and ligaments stop people from living their maximum life. And what’s worse is that none of these pain-causing disorders gets diagnosed in time. Most times, they go undiagnosed. It takes an average of seven long years for a patient in the US to get a diagnosis.

Once the diagnosis comes in, the patient is plagued by uncertain medicine. Medical science is still coming to grips with invisible illnesses like fibromyalgia, MS, Lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis. There are no specific drugs on the table to cure them or even manage them properly to reduce pain and inflammation.

But, today, you do have a choice that will help you get rid of the pain. It’s effective, all-natural, and safe. It’s also scientifically vetted and validated. It’s called the Primary Organics CBD oil.

This CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plants grown in the US. Hemp is the cousin of the cannabis plant and while both contain these awesome magical compounds called cannabinoids or CBD that cure pain and improve functionality, the Hemp plant does not contain THC that can cause an addiction.

This CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plants grown in the US. Hemp is the cousin of the cannabis plant and while both contain these awesome magical compounds called cannabinoids or CBD that cure pain and improve functionality, the Hemp plant does not contain THC that can cause an addiction.

About Primary Organics CBD Oil

Primary Organics CBD Oil is the most powerful CBD hemp oil that is 100 percent pure and made in the US. It is extracted from organically grown hemp plants and is enriched by cannabidiol or CBD.

Cannabidiol is a natural substance found in the hemp plant, and it is validated by several gold-standard research studies to have potent pain, stress, and anxiety nixing properties.

Hemp oil is another important, non-high-causing cannabinoid. Over 80 different cannabinoids found in hemp and their power is used to cure your pain, stress and insomnia.

This oil works because of the hemp oil and other cannabinoids present in it. These cannabinoids or CBD work on your vital ECS or the endocannabinoid system. It positively regulates it and your body’s anti-inflammatory response to benefit you in many ways – psychologically, physically, and neurologically.

What happens is that the hemp oil and other cannabinoids in Primary Organics CBD Oil hemp oil bind with the EC receptors in your body to reduce inflammation, pain, stress, and anxiety.

The cannabinoids in this oil bond with specific receptors in your brain to delete pain.

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Payday Loans Vs. Cash Advance Loans: What To Know And How To Avoid Them – Forbes Advisor

Payday loans and app-based cash advance services allow you to borrow against your next paycheck to meet your financial needs today. But because of their high borrowing costs, these services could do more harm than good.

Annual percentage rates for short-term payday loans, for example, are determined by a patchwork of state-level restrictions, and payday loan APRs frequently reach three figures—in some cases, four figures. By comparison, the average APR for credit cards so far in 2020 is 15.09%, according to the Federal Reserve.

In recent years, traditional payday loan usage has been on the decline, but a new breed of app-based cash-advance lenders is filling the void. With incomes down during the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer advocates worry that people might flock to predatory financial services.

“People turn to them because they don’t have enough money,” says Lauren Saunders, the associate director of the National Consumer Law Center, a nonprofit consumer-advocacy organization. But if you’re working fewer hours, an advance or a loan doesn’t give you any extra money, she says. “It just makes next week worse. The COVID situation really highlights the weaknesses of these programs.”

Despite the risks, some consumers see them as the only option in tough financial situations. Here’s everything to consider before taking out a payday loan or using a cash advance app—plus funding alternatives and financial strategies to help you avoid both of them.

From a consumer’s perspective, payday loans and cash-advance services share more similarities than differences. Both services promise quick cash when you’re in a bind by providing the opportunity to borrow money you can repay from your next paycheck.

“The biggest difference is pricing,” Saunders says, noting that payday loans are notorious for high annual percentage rates. But the fees and voluntary payments commonly charged by earned-wage services, also known as “tips,” shouldn’t be ignored.

Traditional payday loans have a long and controversial history in the U.S. Over the years, lawmakers have tightened and loosened restrictions on lenders by enacting regulations that specify allowable loan term lengths and maximum financing fees. Despite regulatory efforts to limit them, payday loans are still legal in most states. And some states have no explicit interest caps at all.

App-based cash advance services, however, are a relatively new concept. The services are also referred to as earned-wage, early-wage or payroll advances, which are often provided by fintech startups, not traditional payday lenders. Most major providers, including Earnin, PayActiv and Dave, have sprouted up within the last decade.

Instead of charging loan financing fees, earned-wage advance services like Earnin and Dave prompt users to tip on their “free” cash advance. Earnin suggests tips in dollar amounts, up to $14 per advance, whereas Dave suggests a tip between 5% and 15% of the total advance. PayActiv markets itself to employers as a payroll benefit and makes money through monthly service fees.

Payday services appeal to the most economically vulnerable populations. More than 8.9 million American households used alternative financial services, including payday loans, in the past 12 months—and they’re disproportionately lower-income earners, according to the most recent survey data available from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

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Why CBD?


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Why is 10xPURE CBD the best?

This point of time of this post today 6/28/2020 no one has this but 1 company. Click the link below to listen you won’t want to miss this.

Why is 10xPURE CBD the best?

CBDa Research Article PDF download

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‘Maskne’ — yes, mask acne — is now a thing – MarketWatch

One frustrating side effect of mandated face mask wearing during the coronavirus outbreak is that it’s making many people break out. And that’s spawned the term “maskne” — or “mask” plus “acne,” referring to the blemishes that result from wearing a face covering.

Acne was already the most common skin affliction in America, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, plaguing up to 50 million people a year and costing more than $1.2 billion in treatments and lost productivity for those whose cases were so severe that they sought medical attention.

And the pandemic is exacerbating the problem — not just from the friction of masks, particularly unwashed masks, rubbing against people’s faces, but also due to the stress of the numerous crises hitting the country at once right now. And research has found a strong correlation between acne and stress.

The Tokyo Weekender, a popular English beauty magazine in Japan, has declared maskne “one of 2020’s most widespread skin care problems,” and sufferers have taken to Twitter US:TWTR and Instagram US:FB to gripe about their new crops of pimples popping up. And even if you’ve been spared so far, the summer’s sweat-inducing temperatures and increasing humidity are poised to make many complexions worse.

“We’re definitely seeing ‘maskne’ more,” Dr. Lucy Chen, a dermatologist practicing at Riverchase Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery in south Florida, told MarketWatch. “We see it a lot more as the summer months are happening, with the extra humidity in the air and the extra heat actually increasing the amount of stress and oil production” in the skin.

She added that her practice has also been seeing a lot of health care workers suffering acne, bruising and rashes after wearing masks for 12-hour shifts or more.

Some zits and blackheads are a small price to pay to help slow the spread of COVID-19, of course, especially as the U.S. has reported record numbers of new cases this week, and more than 124,468 Americans have already died from the coronavirus.

But there are ways to help prevent “maskne,” as well as methods for treating the blemishes that appear. Here’s what you need to know.

Wash your face. Prevention is the best medicine, so washing your face in the morning and evening — and even any time that you take your mask off — is key. “After coming home, immediately wash the face and reduce the oil on the skin,” Chen suggested. You can even wipe your face with a clean wash cloth soaked in warm water.

But be gentle. It may be tempting to reach for the strongest acne cleanser or treatment that you can find, but Chen recommends selecting gentle products. Your skin is already irritated by the mask, and a too-powerful cleanser could worsen it. If you do select an acne-fighting wash, she recommends mild ones with salicylic acid to remove excess oils and unclog pores. And maybe only use that salicylic acid cleaner in the evening, and use a gentler treatment throughout the day.

Wash your mask. That reusable fabric mask has absorbed your sweat, maybe some of your saliva, any droplets from coughing and sneezing, your makeup and your moisturizer, let alone whatever else it has come into contact with when you’ve gone out or taken it off and put it down. It’s a breeding ground for all kinds of microbes, so you want to wash it regularly. “You need to wash your mask on a daily basis, or even rotating through a few different masks would be a good idea,” said Chen. Toss your masks in the washing machine, or hand wash with soap and hot water. Throw them in a hot dryer, if care directions allow. And store clean masks in new paper bags to keep them free from germs.

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CBD in the News – CTFO Opportunity

CBD in the news

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What can CBD oil do for you

Dr. Trobiani talks about Super 1000 https://jimsanew.ctfoshare.com/presentation/video.dr-trobiani-talks-about-super-1000.eaf8b845534f34ef0362d36417bee8f2078672b2

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Now, Shopify merchants can quickly turn their catalogs into shoppable Pins

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A new app makes it much easier for Shopify merchants to create shoppable Product Pins in Pinterest.

It’s live in the U.S. and Canada now and rolling out to countries where Pinterest ads are available in the coming weeks

The dedicated Pinterest app in the Shopify app store enables merchants to upload their product catalogs to Pinterest. It can automatically update products for Product Pins on Pinterest daily and add tagging to be able to track and measure performance. There is also an ads interface to run promoted Product Pins.

How it works. To get started, after you install the Pinterest app, simply ad a tag to your site. Then upload your product catalog and publish to post your in-stock items to Pinterest.

Shop tab. On Pinterest, a “Shop” tab will show on your profile. Users can click that to see all of your active shoppable Product Pins.

Why we care. This is a no-brainer for Shopify merchants. Pinterest has 367 million monthly active users, and the company says the traffic it sent to retailer sites increased by 2.3x over the past year.

This is also an important integration for Pinterest, which has been methodical (read slow) in rolling out scalable e-commerce marketing solutions. There are more than one million merchants on Shopify and making it possible to automatically turn their product catalogs into shoppable Pins — and ads — should increase the number of retailers spending on the platform. Pinterest said user engagement with shoppable Product Pins increased 44% year-over-year.

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Global Coronavirus Tracker: Live Coverage – The New York Times

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Singapore reported a sharp increase in new infections, many of them among migrant laborers. At a long-term care home in Montreal, two nurses, 150 beds and 31 deaths.

Ursula von der Leyen, the head of the European Commission, apologized for Europe’s slow action to help Italy in the early days of its outbreak.

Britain confirmed on Thursday that it would prolong its coronavirus lock down for at least three more weeks. But the government shed little light on how it might eventually relax restrictions without causing another surge in infections.

The widely expected extension was announced by Dominic Raab, the foreign secretary. Mr. Raab has assumed the duties of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is recuperating from the virus at his country residence, Chequers.

“We’re now at both a delicate and dangerous phase in this pandemic,” Mr. Raab said at a news conference. Lifting the lock down, he said, would “risk all the progress we’ve made.”

“Now is not the moment to give the coronavirus a second chance,” he said,

Relaxing the restrictions would not only raise the risk of new outbreak, Mr. Raab said, it would also damage the economy. The government would then probably be forced to impose a second lock down, he said, which might shatter confidence.

The restrictions will now last at least until the second week of May.

Mr. Raab set out five prerequisites for easing restrictions. They included a “sustained and consistent fall in the daily death rates,” confidence that hospitals could cope with the flow of patients, more capacity for testing, more protective equipment, and a judgment, made with the advice of government health experts, that there would not be a second wave of infections.

With 861 new deaths announced on Thursday — 100 more than the day before — along with complaints about a lack of masks and gloves, and a major shortfall in testing, Britain appears far from meeting three of those prerequisites. Only the hospitals, with a small decline in the number of coronavirus patients and a growing number of beds, are a bright spot.

President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, bowing before the accelerating advance of the coronavirus across the country, announced on Thursday that he had ordered the postponement of a military parade and flag-waving celebrations marking the Red Army’s defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945.

In a somber address on state television, Mr. Putin said the Victory Day events, which had been scheduled for May 9, would have to be put off because the “risks associated with the epidemic, whose peak has not passed yet, are extremely high.”

The decision to delay the Red Square parade and other events is the second time that the pandemic has disrupted the Kremlin’s plans in a serious way. Mr. Putin last month postponed a referendum on constitutional changes that would allow him to stay in office until 2036.

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Pandemic forces possible ‘permanent consumer shift’ to grocery delivery

Groceries Delivered

As stay-at-home orders in Washington state and across the country stretch on in an effort to slow the spread of corona virus, there’s been a pivotal shift in consumer behavior. Online grocery delivery services are soaring in popularity as people are trying to avoid leaving the house.

Whether you’ve tried online grocery shopping or are more “old school” like KIRO Nights host Aaron Mason, the corona virus outbreak is certainly changing how we’re getting food to our houses.

“This pandemic has basically forced a lot of people to buy groceries online, and it’s resulted in what some analysts are calling a ‘permanent consumer shift,’” said Taylor Soper, managing editor at GeekWire.

According to a recent survey by RBC Capital of 1,500 shoppers, 42 percent said they use online grocery shopping at least once a week, up from 22 percent in 2018, Soper said. While the use of these services has been trending upward already, it grew dramatically because of the COVID-19 crisis.

Instacart, one of the same-day grocery delivery and pick-up services that partners with retailer partners like QFC, Safeway, and PCC, has seen a meteoric rise in users.

“Instacart has said that they were expecting this type of growth in two to four years, and they’ve seen it happen in two to four weeks,” Soper said.

The main issue customers using these services are running into now is there’s often a long wait time for delivery because there’s simply not enough workers.

“Instacart actually said that they’re going to hire an additional 300,000 shoppers over the next three months to keep up with demand,” Soper said. ” … Now on the worker’s side, it’s a whole other topic to dive into because these are fairly low-wage jobs. And right now, if you’re a shopper working for one of these services, you’re kind of putting yourself at risk by going in these grocery stores and hanging outside all day, and driving around, making these deliveries.”

Instacart has since made a few changes in response to shopper pushback, including providing hand sanitizer and masks for its workers.

As with Uber and similar companies, there is an ongoing debate of having these workers as contractors, or treating them as employees with benefits.

“If you’re following what was happening with Amazon and the factory worker in New York that got fired for speaking out and protesting, unionization is at the core of that and how Amazon really doesn’t want their warehouse workers unionized,” Soper said. “With the grocery deliveries, it’s a similar conversation in that now these workers are in demand, they have a little more say to demand some of these benefits.”

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