Now, Shopify merchants can quickly turn their catalogs into shoppable Pins

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A new app makes it much easier for Shopify merchants to create shoppable Product Pins in Pinterest.

It’s live in the U.S. and Canada now and rolling out to countries where Pinterest ads are available in the coming weeks

The dedicated Pinterest app in the Shopify app store enables merchants to upload their product catalogs to Pinterest. It can automatically update products for Product Pins on Pinterest daily and add tagging to be able to track and measure performance. There is also an ads interface to run promoted Product Pins.

How it works. To get started, after you install the Pinterest app, simply ad a tag to your site. Then upload your product catalog and publish to post your in-stock items to Pinterest.

Shop tab. On Pinterest, a “Shop” tab will show on your profile. Users can click that to see all of your active shoppable Product Pins.

Why we care. This is a no-brainer for Shopify merchants. Pinterest has 367 million monthly active users, and the company says the traffic it sent to retailer sites increased by 2.3x over the past year.

This is also an important integration for Pinterest, which has been methodical (read slow) in rolling out scalable e-commerce marketing solutions. There are more than one million merchants on Shopify and making it possible to automatically turn their product catalogs into shoppable Pins — and ads — should increase the number of retailers spending on the platform. Pinterest said user engagement with shoppable Product Pins increased 44% year-over-year.

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